Area: 160.147 (62 sq.mi.)

Population: 4771 (as of 2001)

Density: 30/ (77/sq.mi.)

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Aeolis Furnished Apts
Category: 2**
Anezina Hotel
Category: 2**
Aphrodite Of Milos Furnished Apts
Category: 2**
Aphrodite Of Milos
Asterias Furnished Apts
Category: 3***
Captain Georgantas Hotel
Category: 2**
Captain Georgantas
Chronis Hotel
Category: 2**
Corali Hotel
Category: 2**
Del Mar Hotel Apartments
Category: 2**
Del Mar
Delfini Hotel
Category: 1*
Eleni Hotel
Category: 2**
Giannis Furnished Apts
Category: 1*
Golden Milos Beach Furnished Apts
Category: 3***
Golden Milos Beach
Ilias Hotel
Category: 3***
Ippocampos Furnished Apts
Category: 1*
Lagada Hotel
Category: 2**
Milos Hotel
Category: 2**
Milos-Achivadolimni Camping
Category: C'CLASS
Milos Achivadolimni
Panorama Hotel
Category: 1*
Portiani Hotel
Category: 2**
Rigas Furnished Apts
Category: 2**
Santa Maria Hotel
Category: 2**
Santa Maria
Semiramis Hotel
Category: 1*

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Milos is one of the most famous islands of Cycladic group being home to the statue of Aphrodite (which is now in Louvre). The island is rather large with population over 5000 locals. Tourists are offered to get to the island in a traditional Greek way – by ferry. Milos hosts its small domestic airport serving local flights from Athens. The capital city is Plaka. Other big cities are Adamas and Klima.

Though being a large island, Milos does not boast a great choice of hotels and private accommodations available for rent. Livanios Rooms Hotel offers exceptionally friendly atmosphere in cozy rooms and luxurious studios with state of the art equipment. Its visitors will enjoy breakfasting on cozy balconies overlooking beaches or breathtaking traditional Greek landscapes. Another popular hotel is Mar-Nik Studios nestled in a quiet location overlooking Paliohori Sea. The hotel offers budgetary rooms to sleep in and luxurious state of the art studios equipped for ultimate comfort and relaxation of its guests.

Milos is known among tourists for its amazing coastline offering cozy private and big well organized beach areas. Apart from beach leisure tourists will surely enjoy spectacular geological formations: stones are rocks frozen in weird shapes for centuries - marvelous creations of nature.

For touring through the island travelers may choose either a bus service or renting a car, a bicycle or a boat to get across the coastline. Active leisure enthusiasts will love a variety of available places to visit: natural wonders such as Glaronissia being formed with four volcanic islets shaped in form of organ pipe or Sykia Cave where the sun beams pass through a stone roof and create breathtaking light show on the sea water.

Milos is a perfect destination for beach leisure. Guests will love well organized Agia Kyriaki with white sandy shore, Pollonia being a great tree fringed location and Paleochori – a chain of sandy and rocky beaches and tiny bays.
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